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Oh grg pls, just stop.   
11:28pm 29/09/2016
  So I felt introspective so I went and read back through my old diaries.

It's honestly pretty tough to read, as I have a hard time cringing and reading at the same time.

How many times can I rephrase the same tired metaphors?

Yes, Greg, I get it, you feel unfulfilled and you're depressed because you did blow all weekend. Better dump your purse out on the internet and then quote Fight Club again.

In all fairness, I guess most diaries are likely embarrassing given enough time.

It's interesting how often I said I wanted to be in marketing, I mean I knew I did, I just didn't know how often I brought it up, and now I am, and have been for years, and am the director of an agency, and all and all, doing fairly well actually.

My concepts of what marketing were at the time were so far removed from reality it's fairly staggering though.

My naivety not withstanding, I actually 'achieved the dream'- In the same sort of way that a stumbling shamble appears to be forward progression if you stick the landing.

Anyway, I'm not sure why I'm posting this. I guess I just think this book ends it better, rather than just petering out.

I do miss somewhere to actually vent, though writing as much as I did, vague as it was, for everyone to read, seems scandalous to me now.

Anyway, if you're actually reading this, then I probably miss you <3.
12:37pm 22/09/2010
  "Andrew Ryan. He reckoned the free market was some kinda holy spirit gonna
lead us all over the rainbow -- and I reckon it's a big fat hooker too dim
to spot a wooden nickel.

So old Andy went an' became his own ghost, and I whittled nickels 'til I
made a mint."

Yeah, that's all I came here for.
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Giger lapse   
12:43pm 29/08/2009
mood: hopeful
I only seem to use this when I have a video to post. Today is no exception.

Got a new room mate, which I'm hopeful about.
Got new glasses, setting up a long awaited tatt appointment for next Saturday.

Looking forward to it all!

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New Time lapse video   
01:44am 01/08/2009
mood: sleepy

Just in time, Andy and I will are taking some Vemf footage, which should be fun to string together.

Finally off Anti Biotics.

Zzz time for me.
Stallone cuts   
10:06pm 22/07/2009
mood: sick
A lot of the foods I enjoy have this tiny window, like a tiny flash, of something awful in the after taste.
For instance I love Pho, but sometimes when I’m eating it smell/tastes of something foul, like unwashed bodies locked in slapping coitus, then it’s gone, but it does detract from the overall eating experience. Like someone spliced a single frame of nasty into my food, Tyler Durden style.

My leg has a little row boat of a chunk missing, and now it’s infected, and now I’m taking anti biotics.
I hate anti biotics on every level and I haven’t taken them in years. I burp them up, and it’s like burp deaths, It’s as if my stomach found some old food, indistinguishable due to thick mold fur, behind the couch and sent it up the pipe.
I don’t even want to burp anymore. I’m a terrible, non-burping, torn-vagina-legged man, hobbling around gobbling death pills.

We did another Video time lapse shoot with Hilary.
I started editing it and the 500 clips de-sequenced which is a salty little hell to re-sequence, I’ll have it done in.. in awhile.

It took way too long and I fell asleep, When I awoke there was people in altered states and underwear.
It will make for a good ending.

I bought a nice little HD camera which I can’t wait to arrive.
It should be fun.

OK, back to work

EDIT: Ps: gross and Hilarious pics of my leg

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12:46pm 06/07/2009
mood: hungry
It's been a decent summer so far.

I've done a lot of summ'ery things. Hikes and hhwat not, a few trips to the Nanaimo River and Roberts Memorial are in order for certain, to make the summer complete.

Work is going. That's right I ended my sentence right there, It's a complete sentence.

I went to Vancouver on the weekend, my head phones batteries died so I just wrote random things in my black berry during the 6 hr, return trip.

I just copy/pasted everything out of my berry here after the cut, it's semi offensive.

Click meCollapse )
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It's not true, but it's getting truer   
12:59am 17/06/2009
mood: calm
The dying hours of the night I figured I should put something in here.

I always have the intention, but never the motivation; I need the obligation.

Things are going well, well in a stagnated sort of way, but well in general, despite the withering mood this entry may portray.

I have this thing where if I'm not overwhelmed then I'm... underwhelmed and everything is sort of an extra watered down version of itself.

Life is about balance right, but it's actuality probably more akin to playing on a seesaw.
Brief, finite moments of balance as you pass through the imbalances.

Sometimes I think I need someone to answer too, I lack repercussions for my lack of forward momentum.

Where can I can get that invisible gun to my head?

I'll take some initiative, actually pull the trigger on some things, and trap myself in comfortable and confining schedule of obligations.

If two roads divide in a yellow wood, I'd probably find another path that gave me less autonomy,
and that makes all the difference.

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Baby, I got your money, don't you worry.   
12:09pm 14/05/2009
mood: chipper
I haven't updated in quite a while.

My moods sort of eff'ed but in a good way.

I went tanning this morning, which I've been doing pretty routinely this past couple weeks.
Get some of this glaring white off me. I looked like a gd polar bear. Now slightly less so.

I've become sort of entrenched in my rut lately, get up/Internet/tan/sometimes gym/work/Internet sleep. It's not a terrible rut and it's pretty cozy, as ruts are want to be, but a rut nonetheless.

The problem is no one is around at 11 pm when I get off work, well no one who's up to anything good at any rate.
I work a week of afternoon shifts next week, that will be a nice break in the monotony.

Last week, Andy, Hilary Jenna and I worked on this, which was pretty friggin awesome.

That HD button is my favourite thing, I wish I had all my old projects saved so I could go back and re upload them as HD/HQ. Ah well.

I've been playing with some of my other Video projects that I haven't finished editing,( LIKE THE FUCKING HUSH NYE VIDEO HOW I HATE IT). Makes me miss having them on the go, So I'm going to see about setting some up.

I gotta make sure I do some hiking/Nanaimo river and hhwhat not this summer.
Summer plans tend to be so damn fleeting for me, summer sneaks up and is over before you even realize.

Carp a dime or something am i rite

Okay, I'm going to go do something productive.
Woo 4 day weekend and a Spin Sunday this weekend, I got a nice couple weeks line up.
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Same old cadence   
10:24pm 26/03/2009
mood: contemplative
My foot still hurts.

I hate it.

Days are seeming to run together.
I have days off to use but nothing really to do with them at the moment.

Other than that I'm peachy.
I really am.
I'm sorry if that sounded sarcastic.

I'm going to go home and shoot some people sleep and go to the gym.

I need someone to make me go to the gym everyday; Tyler, Andy, Ian where art thou.

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'...Cuz you live in Los Felis? Bitch you ain’t jesus'   
08:58pm 17/03/2009
mood: discontent
I broked my foot up on the weekend with a poorly aimed kick on a particularly hard part of a heavy bag, and I'm having some issues walking around.

Aside from being hopfooted, not a whole lot to report.

Still haven't used my days off, I'll have to resolve that shortly.

Just been drinkin too much coffee and blankin' my mind.
...In spite of it   
01:15am 02/03/2009
mood: calm
Just be who you are, wait your turn,
don’t push.
Be beautiful, be graceful.
If you’re going to get angry, be angry behind closed doors.
Don’t ever let them see you sweat. Just hold your head up no matter what,
and don’t ever let anyone stomp you out.

What an odd and peaceful weekend.

I got some pretentious and moody photos taken

Picture behind cut its sort of big:

PICTURECollapse )
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Take a salt tablet   
10:35pm 25/02/2009
mood: cranky
I don't know how you can go to bed feeling awesome and motivated and wake up feeling dismal.
The day hasn't done much in the way of bettering my mood.

Maybe, I need a sleep number bed. Lindsay Wagner seems quite chipper.
That tart

I think I'm bored, I'm fairly certain, 95% certain.
I'll take a blood test and check.

I think I need more hobbies or something.

Toy trains or needle point?

Between you, me, and the internet, I think I'd make the craziest, most rose covered sofa blanket you've ever seen.

I have it in me.
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old drinks   
10:36pm 24/02/2009
mood: energetic
Getting back to work and already being mostly through the work week is some sort of chocolate awesome.

Also Matts working afternoons with me for awhile.

This week has started off fabulously and it seems like it's only going to get better.

I think I'm going to be good this weekend, a particularly nerdy sort of good.


The blood runs when the time comes.
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A bundle of sticks   
10:29pm 19/02/2009
mood: content
I've written journal entries, played castle defense and boomshine, done promotion for this Sunday, read mens health fitness articles on medicine ball works outs, and still managed to make a pile of money (for my company ^^)

I've been very good lately, running, gyming, and not drinking at all.
I wouldn't describe myself as motivated per se, but perhaps, unmotivated to be bad?

I'm sure that I'm going to falter from my new found clean living this Sunday, in a big way.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to Nam this weekendd, gtfo for a couple days!
..can’t spare no angel..   
12:06am 12/02/2009
mood: mellow
Lord deliver me from vacuous-headed, petty shit I should not care about.

Indifference on tap, to swim in the nothing.
and play in it's empty playground

My stomach has the feel of ill-ease and emptiness, sans the hunger.

Somehow, I always feel like I'm failing at being human; I'm not sure if anyones keeping score,
besides me.
I think that's maybe the human condition and is always the case regardless of situation.
Life is an mmorpg, you can't win, but you just keep raiding.

I think attempts at being introspective and deep are slightly marred when using World of warcraft as an analogic device.
fuck it


Several hundred dollars later, I may get my car back tomorrow, or shortly.
*le sigh*

I've been running a 2-3 kms every morning as soon as I get up. I work out a decent amount, but I've never been a great decent runner, I don't have the lungs for it.
I've been good though, and I think I'll stay the course.

"O Lord, grant me tears of repentance, remembrance of death, and the sense of peace"
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10:15pm 09/02/2009
mood: crazy
When I have children, or I get some girl to do it for me, I hope it's a girl.

Then when she's 5-6 I'll put her in a ghostyl white dress and take her a trail at night so she can walk slowly through the myst, out of the trees, at people who happen to walk by, singing ring-around-the-rosie in a low, haunting coo.

I'm a hypothetical super dad.
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11:18am 21/01/2009
mood: bouncy

Well job training is going well aside from all the math also I'm basically also doing the shift lead position for my old department I turned down. Damn my bursting with knowledge head.

New computer tomorrow!
I, robot   
12:13am 12/01/2009
mood: indescribable
Show me a girl or a situation with a girl that isn't overly complicated and I'll show you a transvestite.

Maybe I'm too analytical objective for my own good.

I start my new position tomorrow, wish me luck.

"to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; "
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onward upward   
08:09pm 27/10/2008
mood: excited
Got the job!

More later.
So much works to do!

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05:55pm 14/10/2008
  So I had two delicious turkey dinners last night, even though I was away from home.
First was Dug’s which was awesome, he didn’t even mind that I ate and ran on him.
Last night I had Turducken at Davids.
If you are anything like I was, then you have no idea what Turducken is.
Well friends Turducken is A duck complete with stuffing (in this case chorizo and mushroom) stuffed inside a Chicken also complete with stuffing, shoved into a turkey. Tur- Duck- En. You see what they did there.

If that sounds preposterous, that’s more than likely because it is.
It was many layers of delicious.

It was also probably the most decadent, overly lavish thing I could ever think of eating.
It was like I was celebrating capitalism while simultaneously wiping my ass with the vegetarian flag; my mouth stuffed as it was with an abundant selection of different animals. (4, for those of you keeping track at home)
I kinda wish there was some tofu turkey mixed in there, you know, just to be jerk.

It's just a changing experiance. The Pre-turducken Greg, no longer exists, the post-turducken Greg thinks about things like baking a pie, and then baking a cake overtop of it then suspending it all in some sort of jello.

Let's stop eating in one dimension.

Anyways, after my 7-8 day fast it was the perfect way to end it.
It was a little hard on the ol’ pet cemetery (that’s what I call my stomach now).

I think some continued sensible eating and exercise may be on the agenda.

On a work related note, I haven’t heard from about the position yet.
With the insaninty that is the world markets, and how it directly translates into insanity at my work, it might be awhile before they can breathe long enough to think about it.
As I walked by the office of the manager in question today I noticed he was speaking with someone I didn’t recognize, presumably another interview’ee. I didn’t want to dawdle or gawk, but based solely on hair, I think I win.

Best overheard diss of the day:

“Ugh, Your breath smells like my dick”

Which was made funnier by the fact that I don’t think the uttering party fully understood the implications of the statement.
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